I have been wanting to redo my home office setup.  None of the desks offered were to my liking. I needed more space and more storage.

What’s more, I also did not like their filing cabinets and I want to put a sofa beside the office; all in one room. I have seen a few hacks using BESTÅ but they all seemed too complicated and the end results were not perfect.  

It took me several trips to IKEA to come up with this solution. It’s not really a hack but I have not seen this setup on this site or anywhere else.  Here’s my solution for the perfect home office setup: SKARSTA FTW! 


Items in photo

  • 1 small STUVA toy box with wheels with 1 large FRITIDS drawer front where I will install my new printer. Paper goes in the box.
  • 1 STUVA frame 25 x 25 with 3 GRUNDLIG drawers + 2 small FRITIDS drawer fronts and 1 large FRITIDS front + 4 STUVA GRUNDLIG feet
  • 2 STUVA wall cabinets 23 x 25 with 2 FRITIDS doors each + 4 STUVA GRUNDLIG shelves
  • 1 STUVA frame 47 x 25 with 4 large drawer fronts + 4 STUVA GRUNDLIG feet
  • 3 OLOV legs for countertops

This is another view of that wonderful stool

The Bekant and Nilserik stool looks smart beside the window. Check them out above.

Nilserik gives an active sitting position, which improves your posture.

You can easily adjust the height by using 1 of the 3 easy-to-reach knobs underneath the seat.

You sit comfortably thanks to the padded seat.

Has a curved base, which helps you find a comfortable, tilted sitting position.

Practical and comfortable swivel function.

Works well with sit/stand desks.